Type Of Government

The Village of Woodlawn operates under the Charter form of government, known as the "Mayor-Council-Manager-Plan" The powers of the municipal government are distributed among the municipality, the electorate, the various elected and appointed officials and the boards and commissions as provided under the provisions of the charter. The Mayor is the Village's chief elected official, and is also the "President of Council". The Council consists of six members. Members are elected to terms of four (4) years each. The Council chooses a Vice Mayor from its own ranks. Appointed or contracted officials are the Municipal Manager, Finance Director, Law Director and Clerk of Council.

Council meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7:00 P.M. ( Meeting days and times may vary for summer sessions.) Meetings are open to the public. Individuals wishing to speak before Council may sign up to do so before the meeting begins. See cable access listings for the televised meetings.

Residents and interested individuals are cordially invited to attend and participate in Council Meetings. All meetings are held in Council Chambers, located in the Woodlawn Municipal Building, 10141 Woodlawn Blvd. We look forward to seeing you!