Staff Bios

Chief Amos Johnson

Chief Amos Johnson began his career with Forest Park Fire Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services. In 1999 as a firefighter and emergency medical technician and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2002 serving as a shift officer of two stations with ten to twelve personnel on duty.
During his career he also served as a paramedic, Ladder Aerial operator, and also acting as an officer a year before promotion.  Also during this time he served as a turnout gear purchaser/equipment, along with being in charge of Juvenile Fire Setter Program.
Amos has also taken the challenge in becoming an ACE Peer Fitness Trainer to enhance the physical ability of his fellow co-workers. He has also taken upon himself to attain certifications in various topics from training to counseling. Recently Amos took on a various tedious yet very rewarding position as the Assistant Chief of Glendale Fire Department.
Glendale Fire Department was reopening with a new administration with him second in charge. In those two years he served the village he found out the workings of a fire department from the inside out, from budget hearings to producing reports for the mayor and council.
Born and raised in the City of Forest Park, Ohio Chief Johnson graduated from Winton Woods High School. He attended Cincinnati State for two years studying Engineering before a career change into the fire service. Before that time Amos held the position the Plant Engineer understudy for Springdale Ice Cream and Beverage.
Chief Johnson Continues his commitment to education, professionalism, and foremost the community. He is currently a Student of the Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute at Clark Atlanta University.
He has developed a large network of fire service associates throughout the United States. This Network has given Chief Johnson the ability to perform research on a nationwide basis. By continually updating his education and practicing his profession, Chief Johnson is able to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in various fire service and emergency management arenas.

Deputy Chief Brandon Linne

Deputy Brandon Linne serves as one of the three shift commanders and has been a member of the Woodlawn Fire Division since October 2007.  Currently assigned to Unit 3, Deputy Chief Linne manages daily fire suppression, rescue operations, and emergency medical services.

As a shift commander, he also organizes daily trainings data entry, reporting, supplies, inspections, maintenance, and staffing. In His career at Woodlawn Fire Division, he has served as Training Captain and EMS Captain.

He has overseen the majority of administrative and logistical functions becoming versatile and well-versed in departmental operations.  Captain Linne has implemented several systems and technologies to establish greater department efficiency and proficiency.

Deputy Chief Linne began his career in 1995 and holds a degree in Fire Science from Eastern Kentucky University. Certified as a national registered paramedic, IFSAC firefighter II,  IFSAC fire and life safety Inspector, advanced arson investigator, hazardous materials technician,  NFPA 1006 & 1670 certified rescue specialist which includes structural collapse technician, rope rescue technician, vehicle and machinery extrication technician, confined space rescue technician, and swift water rescue operations.

Additionally certified in commercial vehicle extrication, companion service animal rescue, incident Command Systems IS 100, 200, 700, 800, pump operations, fire apparatus operator, aerial tower operator, emergency vehicle operations course, weapons of mass destruction,  biological warfare, terrorist bombings, fire officer 1, street smart fire officer, managing company tactical operations, critical incident stress, and public safety diver.


Captain Jennifer Simpson

Captain Jennifer Simpson is currently assigned as the Unit 1 Captain. She began her career with Woodlawn in 2002 as a part time firefighter/paramedic, becoming full time in 2005. She was promoted to Captain in November of 2014. Beside the daily duties necessary of a shift supervisor, her responsibilities are primarily centered around Public Education/Public Relations and EMS.

Jennifer grew up in Reading, a graduate of RHS who continued her education through UC and Antonelli College of Cincinnati. Captain Simpson started as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT in 1998 and a full-time EMT/Supervisor for The Cincinnati Zoo.

As she continued her fire/ems training, the desire to work full time in the fire service grew, causing her to leave the zoo for part time positions with Lockland, Woodlawn, and Deerfield Township.

She also remained on Reading’s paid on call roster. She holds certifications as a firefighter level ll, paramedic, HAZMAT, pro board certified inspector, special topics instructor, fire officer 1, Incident Command System IS 100, 200, 700, 800, pump operations, FAO/ATO, fireground academy, terrorist bombings, and emergency response to railroad incidents.

"Being a firefighter/paramedic means my education and training will never stop. There is always new equipment to learn and new and improved tactics to apply. I look forward to furthering my career while serving the Village of Woodlawn." ~ Jennifer Simpson