Village of Woodlawn Public Works

Woodlawn Public Works Department
130 Marion Road
Woodlawn, OH 45215 

Public Works Director: Anthony Brown            (513)703-4641

Assistant Director: Terry Calhoun

Public Works Director

Anthony Brown

(513) 703-4641

Mission Statement
The Public Works Department provides integral services to our community every day. Our department’s mission is to maintain the Village’s thoroughfares so as to ensure the safe movement for both vehicular and pedestrian travel, and to oversee the efficient operation of the recycling program.  Developing and offering a quality, and effective, efficient service to a vibrant, and active, attractive community. Provide a service that is aligned with the Municipal Managers vision as well as supportive of the master plan.

Public Works Department Motto

“Service With Pride”




The Village maintains 18.19 center lanes mile within Woodlawn. This includes both State Route 4 (Springfield Pike) and a small portion of State Route 747 (Princeton Pike).
Public Works is responsible for the management of the Right of Way which generally includes roads, curbs, sidewalks, trees, and utilities.  The Right of Way areas varies depending on the street, but ranges from 20 feet to 100 feet in overall width. This area is owned by the Village of Woodlawn, however, its up to the property owner to maintain.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the general care and maintenance of all Village-owned property, streets, vehicles and facilities. The department provides residents with leaf pickup and brush removal at various times of the year, and provides snow removal services throughout the Village. Garbage collection is provided by Rumpke.


Click here to view the Village Storm Water Management Program

Public News:

Brush pick-up:

Tuesday and Thursday

7 am - 3 pm

The following policy pertains to how brush set out at curbside should be placed for pick-up.

1. In order for public works crews to service all residence, a 15 minutes time limit will be enforced at each stop.

2. Brush should be placed parallel to the curb, bundled, tied, and no longer than 4 ft. in length and 2-3 inches in diameter max.

3. Please keep brush separate from leaves and other yard waste.

4. There is no leaf pick up during brush pick up.


Spring clean-up:

Will take place on Saturdays,

April 22nd and April 29th, 2017

from 7 am - 4 pm

(Residence must have their items at the curb before the posted hours). Public Works do not allow repeated trips.

Please note: No paint, refrigerators, yard waste, mattresses, a/c units, motors, engines, oil, antifreeze, and propane tanks will be picked up for spring cleaning. And if you’ll like to dispose of tires, please remove them from the rim and bring them to the service dept. Located at 130 Marion Rd. 7  am - 2 pm

For special pickup of large appliances and furniture please call Rumpke at



Self Service Dumpster:

Will be available

Monday - Friday

From 7 am -  3 pm

April 17th - 21st and April 24th - 28th

Located at:

Public Works Building on 130 Marion Road