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Non-Emergency Number: (513) 771-0233

Woodlawn Fire Division
10121 Springfield Pike

Message from the Fire Chief

Welcome to Woodlawn Fire Department's page. The men and women of this

department recognize our responsibility and duty to help ensure the safety of the people

in the Village of Woodlawn and surrounding areas. We consider public service a privilege

and value the trust we are given by the people we serve. We are dedicated to delivering

our services in a courteous, expedient, and efficient manner.

The Fire Department continues to move forward, we strive to utilize innovative methods to

meet our operational goals and financial needs. There has been dramatic improvement

over the past year with the modernization of our fleet, equipment, facilities, and

operational practices all in a concentrated effort to better provide the services needed by

our community. As the Fire Chief, it my goal to make this Village as safe as possible

through our commitment to Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Fire

Prevention, and Emergency Planning. I am committed to the task of meeting the high

expectations that we have set as a standard of care in the service of our community.

I believe the goal is not to control change but to lead it; everyone has something to offer to

make change more bearable and enjoyable. The balance of this inevitable fact in life is

paramount in all we do, of being successful.


 Amos Johnson

Fire Chief

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Vision Statement

It’s not our intention to please our customers or to satisfy our customers, our intention is to amaze them.

Mission Statement

The men and women of the Woodlawn Fire Department are committed to EXCELLENCE, DEDICATION, PRIDE, and COURAGE. We’re determined to do our best to preserve life and property for the citizens of Woodlawn and in Neighboring Communities.We shall do this through education, prevention, suppression, and Emergency Medical Services.

Department Valves

Positive Attitudes, Professionalism, Teamwork, Equal Opportunity, Innovation, Performance, and Safety.

 Woodlawn Fire Division Services

We provide 24/7 Fire, Emergency Medical & Paramedic Services for Woodlawn, and Mutual Aid to   Neighboring Communities. Additionally, we provide:

Home Safety Reviews

The WFD conducts fire safety inspections in all businesses in our village on a yearly basis. We also offer this program to our residents to help them have a safer living environment. The program educates the homeowner and helps them to correct any potentially dangerous situations. We offer this review upon the resident's request.

 Firehouse Tours

This is one of our most popular programs. We do have numerous small groups of people touring the station at any given time; however most of our visitors are scheduled groups, such as K-3 school classes. An average of 250 children tour the station each year. A firehouse tour begins with a video. A firefighter then dresses in his/her turnout gear in order for the children to visualize the transformation from a firefighter on station to a firefighter ready to fight a fire. We also teach "stop, drop & roll", 911, home escape plans and other fire safety tips.

Blood Pressure Screening

A blood pressure screening can be given anytime someone comes to the station and requests one. We also do screenings at various fire safety outings throughout the year.

CPR Classes

We offer this course to the general public, business community and any other organization making a request. We utilize the standards and guidelines of the American Heart Association.

Fire Extinguisher Training Course

This program is available to everyone but is mainly utilized by the business community. The training course is scheduled by appointment. The class consists of a lecture session, which includes handouts. A live fire environment is duplicated by using a shallow burn pan containing a combustible liquid. A firefighter demonstrates the proper technique used to extinguish a small fire, using a portable extinguisher. Each participant is given a chance to practice putting out a fire by themselves.

 Special Events

In addition to the above mention programs provided by our fire department, our educational efforts branch out into various other areas including, but not limited to: fire drills, tornado drills, life safety checks in places of assembly, safety fairs, educational sessions in the schools, juvenile fire setter program, lectures for civic groups and apparatus demonstrations.

 For information regarding any of the above-mentioned programs please contact the firehouse (513) 771-0233.

ISO Class 2 Rated

Insurance Services Office (ISO) has evaluated and classified over 44,000 fire protection areas across the United States using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.  ISO reports that there are only 26 other communities within the State of Ohio currently rated with a Class 2.  There are only 57 communities countrywide that have a rating of Class 1; none of those being in Ohio.

ISO’s program evaluates communities according to a uniform set of criteria, incorporating nationally recognized standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association and the American Water Works Association.  A community’s protection classification depends on fire alarm and communication systems; Fire department equipment, staffing, training and distribution of resources; and, the water supply system.

ISO is an independent company that serves insurance companies, communities, fire departments, and insurance regulators by providing information about risk.  Class 1 represents an exemplary fire suppression program, and Class 10 indicates that the area’s fire-suppression program does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria.  A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven a reliable predictor of future fire losses.  Statistical data on insurance losses bears out the relationship between excellent fire protection and low fire losses.  So, insurance companies use the PPC program to aid in establishing commercial and residential insurance premiums.  In general, the price of fire insurance in a community with a good ISO rating is substantially lower than in a community with poor rating, assuming all other factors are equal.