Mailing Address
10141 Woodlawn Blvd,
Cincinnati, OH 45215 

Building Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30 pm - 4:30 pm


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Building Our Community One Person At a Time ...

Located in Hamilton County, Ohio, Woodlawn is served by major highways and state routes. Giving convenient access to all of the amenities of a big city with the charm and landscape of a small town. Woodlawn is a great place to live, work, and play.
Over 3,000 people call Woodlawn home and thousands more come here to work at
the many companies that know Woodlawn as a great place to do business. Our parks, walking trails, community pool and state-of-the-art community center make it a great place to interact and network as well!

Village Manager

The City Manager serves as Chief Executive Officer and head of the administrative branch of government; manages the Village offices and departments in accordance with the policies determined by the Village of Woodlawn; is responsible for the enforcement of laws, ordinances, and resolutions, except as otherwise noted by Village Charter.

Municipal Manager, Alan Geans, grew up in The Village of Woodlawn, is a graduate of Princeton High School and has a life-long connection to our community.  After graduating from Cincinnati State, he spent four years in the United Stated Army and traveledabroad.  After returning from his military duties, he spent 2 years as the Assistant Recreation Director for The Village of Woodlawn.  He worked 13 years in various leadership positions for The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati and recently rejoined the Village of Woodlawn as Recreation Director and now Village Manager.  Alan has a Bachelor Degree from Indiana Wesleyan and has participated in many executive leadership trainings throughout his career.

In his spare time he enjoys singing, music production as well as various sports and workout activities.

Contact him at our Village offices at (513) 771-6130