Master Plan


The Village of Woodlawn Master Plan was commenced in 2006. The Master Plan was designed to help the Village’s officials, administration, residents and business operators develop a shared understanding of Woodlawn’s future needs and the best strategies for ensuring a successful future. Like many older suburban communities, Woodlawn benefits from a number of assets, but it also faces a number of challenges, both today and into the future. The Village understood from the beginning that their Master Plan must achieve several goals:

• The Master Plan must be based on a clear-eyed, realistic evaluation of the Village, including its assets, its challenges, its regional context and the likely impacts of these issues over the coming 10 to 20 years.

• The Master Plan must draw on the meaningful, active feedback of the Village’s stakeholders, including its residents, its business operators and its own municipal staff.

• The Master Plan must develop a vivid statement of its Vision for its future – a statement that encapsulates the direction in which the Village intends to grow.

• The Master Plan must design an ambitious but achievable program of improvements that will give the Village the capacity and the methods for achieving that Vision.

• The Master Plan must lay the groundwork for its implementation by developing a specific plan of action for making its recommendations become reality.

This document reflects the best efforts of a large number of Woodlawn residents, officials, business operators and others to meet these high goals.

Table of Contents & Acknowledgements


1. Introduction

2. Existing Conditions

3. Concept Areas Analysis

4. Market Analysis

5. Selected Public Feedback

6. The Master Plan Vision

7. Plan Element #1: Vibrant Residential Communities - Part 1

Plan Element #1: Figure 10

Plan Element #1: Figure 11

Plan Element #1: Figure 12

Plan Element #1: Vibrant Residential Communities - Part 2

8. Plan Element #2: Destination Springfield Pike

9. Plan Element #3: Successful Industry

10. Plan Element #4: Welcome to Beautiful Woodlawn

11. The Implementation Matrix

Appendix A: Results of Public Participation Activities

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