Administrative Lieutenant Commander

Donald Fourth Jr.

Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Donald Fourth Jr. has been a member of the Woodlawn Police Division since January 2001.

During that time, he has spent many hours working in Woodlawn making it his home.  He has been involved with different aspects of policing in the Village of Woodlawn from traffic enforcement to criminal investigations.  

Lieutenant Fourth Jr. has been a part of the Community Resource Section and the N.E.E.T. Team. (Narcotic Enforcement Entry Team)

Lieutenant Fourth was also a member of the Hamilton County Honor Guard. Lieutenant Fourth Jr. attended Great Oaks Police Academy and graduated in June of 2000.  He then applied for the Woodlawn Police Division where he was hired as an auxiliary police officer  August 2000. 

In 2011, he began to assist in the Criminal Investigation Section of the Woodlawn Police Division.  He was permanently assigned to this section in September of 2012.  In May of 2013, he was placed in charge of the Woodlawn Police Division Criminal Investigation Section. Sergeant Fourth was promoted to his current rank in September of 2014. 

Lieutenant Donald Fourth Jr. was promoted to Staff Sergeant on January 17, 2016. Lieutenant Fourth Jr. served as acting Police Chief during 2017 while Chief Tillman was attending the FBI National Academy for three months. Lieutenant Fourth Jr. was promoted to his current rank on February 25, 2017.