08-2016 April 26, 2016 AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING AN AMENDMENT TO THE WOODLAWN MAYOR’S COURT PAYOUT SCHEDULE AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. WHEREAS, The Village of Woodlawn has determined that it is necessary to amend the Mayor’s Court payout schedule; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Woodlawn, Hamilton County, Ohio, majority of all concurring: SECTION I That Council hereby authorizes an amendment to the Woodlawn Mayor’s Court payout schedule to include citations issued pursuant to Section 1480.99 of the Woodlawn Code of Ordinances, Penalty for Violations of the Property Maintenance Code, (provided there are no Property Maintenance Code offenses within the previous year) as a $150.00 payout. SECTION II This ordinance is an emergency measure necessary for the preservation of public peace, health, safety and general welfare for the citizens of the Village of Woodlawn, Ohio, and shall go into effect immediately. The reason for said emergency is the immediate need to ensure individuals cited under these code sections who wish to pay out their fines instead of appearing in Mayor’s Court may do so.