From The Mayor's Desk...

 Building Our Community, One Person at a Time...  


 On behalf of Woodlawn Council I want to thank you for being a part of this historic
 community. Our history runs deep and begins over 223 years ago in 1793 as settlers of
 Woodlawn began to forge the first small stations, homes, and roads. Established In 1941 as
 the 21st incorporated village of Hamilton County, we celebrate our 75th year! The Village of
 Woodlawn has grown into a a diverse community with over 3,300 residents and 360
 businesses and it is this tremendous progress that makes me proud to share such a
 wondrous community with you.

 Wondrous not just because of our growth, but because of the amenities that have been
 forged over the years. Located only 16 miles from downtown Cincinnati, Woodlawn has the
 features of a large metropolitan area within a tight knit community. Included in these are an
 easily accessible municipal complex, police, fire and EMS services specifically designated for
 our village’s safety.

Again, it is my honor to be formally entrusted as your mayor and share such a vivacious community with similarly vibrant residents. As we continue to grow by amounts unforeseen back in 1941, let us be sure to nurture our Village and continue Building Our Community One Person at a Time!


Susan Upton-Farley, Mayor 


Your City Council...