16-2016 MAY 31, 2016 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MUNICIPAL MANAGER TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT WITH SUNESIS CONSTRUCTION FOR THE PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE PROJECT. WHEREAS, The Village of Woodlawn put out a request for bids for the Pedestrian Bridge Project; and WHEREAS, Sunesis Construction submitted a responsive bid in the amount of $156,650.00; and WHEREAS, After reviewing all of the submitted bids, the Municipal Manager, in consultation with the Village Engineer, IBI Group, has recommended that the bid submitted by Sunesis Construction is the lowest and best bid; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Woodlawn, Hamilton County, Ohio, majority of all concurring: SECTION I The Sunesis Construction bid is the lowest and best bid for the Pedestrian Bridge Project. The Municipal Manager is hereby authorized to enter into a contract with Sunesis Construction consistent with its bid of $156,650.00 and take all other steps necessary to see that the work under the contract is completed.