What is Community Risk Reduction?

Community Risk Reduction is a progressive approach to fire prevention and safety.   It is a service that intends on reducing, mitigating, or eliminating risks to the community.  This protects everyone in Woodlawn, including our firefighters, our residents, and those who work here or pass through.   Risk Reduction improves quality of life and promotes a standard of care important to everyone!  

What will the Risk Reduction Division do for Woodlawn?

The Fire Department doesn’t exist to only respond to emergencies after the fact, but to prevent or reduce the effects of their occurrence in the first place.  One way this will be accomplished is through building inspections and plan reviews.   We will identify hazards and educate businesses and residents on what to do in an emergency.   The firefighters will receive thorough training regarding specific types of high-risk environments.

The Risk Reduction Division will also partner with other community organizations and local businesses as needed to accomplish their objectives.   An example would be working with a local contractor to provide discounted services as part of a Home Repair Program for seniors or low-income households.  

Is a Risk Reduction Division necessary?

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), a global non-profit, formed in 1896, devoted to saving lives and reducing loss due to fire and other hazards, is currently developing standards for Community Risk Reduction to be published in 2020. While many departments have not yet implemented Community Risk Reduction, it is the cutting-edge direction the nation is turning towards.   Woodlawn is already steps ahead, prepared to create a safer, healthier, happier community!