15-2016 MAY 31, 2016 RESOLUTION CONFIRMING THE APPOINTMENT OF ROSEMARIE MORRIS AS ACTING FINANCE DIRECTOR AND APPROVING COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS. WHEREAS, A vacancy occurred in the position of Finance Director; and WHEREAS, The Mayor appointed Rosemarie Morris as Acting Finance Director, which appointment was approved by Council by motion and was effective as of May 4, 2016; and WHEREAS, Council desires to formally confirm the appointment of Rosemarie Morris to Acting Finance Director as well as approve the terms and conditions of her appointment; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Woodlawn, Hamilton County, Ohio, majority of all concurring SECTION I That Rosemarie Morris’ appointment to Acting Finance Director is confirmed. Ms. Morris shall serve as Acting Finance Director until a new Finance Director is officially appointed or for a period of six months, whichever is shorter. SECTION II That Ms. Morris’ salary shall be at the per annum rate of $67,500.00 while serving as Acting Finance Director for which Ms. Morris shall devote 36 hours per week to performing Village business, which shall include four days per week in the office and attendance at meetings as needed. Ms. Morris shall be entitled to all applicable benefits as described in the Village Employee Handbook, including prorated vacation leave as provided in Section 6.03(D) of the Handbook.