Starting a Business in Woodlawn?

Submitting Plans to Building and Zoning Services: Your first step will be the Building and Zoning (BZS) process begins with checking the One Stop Shop's Zoning Map and Zoning Code to make sure the address is properly zoned.

The Zoning Code regulates the type of activity that may occur within specific geographic areas of the city. By extension, zoning laws determine the placement of structures on a given site.

* Protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public
* Ensure the orderly, manageable, and predictable growth of the city
* Assist with the implementation of community planning goals
* Separate conflicting land uses
* Regulate land uses to achieve and maximize public benefits

Woodlawn Zoning Map

The Woodlawn Advantage – If you are planning to open a business or conduct significant alterations to the property, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of Woodlawn’s One Stop Shop Service for an opportunity to have a direct (and free!) consultation with officials from multiple city agencies, Administration, Building, Fire, Public Works, and Finance. These are the officials who will ultimately be the ones to review your plan and regulate your business. During this review session, you will be given in-depth advice and guidance on your site plan and recommendations, if necessary, to bring your property into compliance.

Please complete the application for a certificate of appropriateness and submit it to the Building and Zoning Department and a meeting will be scheduled within a week
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Hamilton County Building and Zoning Department at 513-946-1550

The business district in Woodlawn, Ohio is thriving. Representing the heartbeat of our community, from small mom-and-pop shops to large industrial companies. They allow us to provide quality services for our residents. We appreciate all of our neighborhood businesses. Please consider making "Beautiful" Woodlawn a future home for your business!
Welcome to the Village of Woodlawn, We're open for business!

networkingPrime Location and Access: 

Major Transportation Routes: Any location in Woodlawn puts you just seconds from Interstate 75 and minutes from numerous other interstates and regional highways. Quick access to the interstate translates into significant dollars saved on shipping expenses! Woodlawn has excellent access via State Route 4 and State Route 126 (Glendale Milford Road), with an interchange on I-75. Airports: The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is located 25 miles via highway from Woodlawn. The Blue Ash Airport, a general aviation facility, is located just 3 miles away. Lunken Airport, a regional commuter airport, is located approximately 15 miles away. Woodlawn’s central location puts you within easy reach of numerous high-quality educational institutions that will enhance your ability to recruit new employees and keep you abreast of the latest technology.

Supplier and Customer Network:

A Woodlawn location puts you in the midst of a large supplier and customer network. There are tens of thousands of businesses and residents within an easy drive of Woodlawn that can provide your company with a potential customer base and/or supplier network. Be sure to check out the market data incorporated in the Woodlawn Master Plan. You can view this data by visiting the Master Plan portion of this website and then going to the Concept Area Analysis.

Strong Business Community:

Woodlawn has a strong industrial and commercial base that is represented by the Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce. The Woodlawn Chamber is part of a regional network of Chambers and can offer its members a whole host of benefits for employers, including healthcare plans and workers' compensation group rates.

Premium Quality of Public Services:

The Woodlawn Police Department is a community-oriented police department. The Department has a community resource/crime prevention section, bike patrol, investigation unit, drug task force unit, and a canine unit. Woodlawn is fortunate to have a relatively low crime rate.

The Woodlawn Fire Department is one of the best in the area and is the only Department in Hamilton County that can boast a Class 2 ISO rating. This designation gives Woodlawn property owners lower property insurance premiums. With a combination of full-time and part-time staff on station 24/7, the Department offers fire, emergency medical, and paramedic services for Woodlawn, and mutual aid to neighboring communities. The Fire Department conducts annual fire inspections of all businesses and offers a variety of programs to businesses, including Blood Pressure Screening, CPR Classes, and Fire Extinguisher Training Courses. Quality hospitals and other healthcare options are located within a few minutes' drive of Woodlawn.

Quality of Life for Your Employees: 

Woodlawn is strategically located in the heart of Greater Cincinnati’s industrial valley. The Village has a nighttime population of approximately 3,000, and a daytime population of about 8,000.
Woodlawn offers its residents and businesses the quiet atmosphere of a small town as well as the convenience of a great location just minutes from major interstates and a wide array of shopping alternatives and cultural opportunities. Woodlawn is home to Glenwood Gardens, Hamilton County’s premier park. The Village also has approximately 15 acres of municipal parkland and a bike trail that traverses north and south through the Village. Within the immediate vicinity, there is a variety of housing options available to your employees. The community is located within the well-respected Princeton City School District.

Over time, Woodlawn has built up a sizeable industrial base. Recent years have seen significant improvements to Glendale-Milford Road, additional industrial and commercial development, and streetscape amenities installed along Springfield Pike. A new Community Center located within the new Ohio National Guard facility on Woodlawn Blvd. opened in January 2006. The new Community Center houses a 350-seat auditorium, community rooms, a fitness room, meeting rooms, and 2 gymnasia. The rooms can be rented for business meetings and other functions. The Community Center is located adjacent to the Village’s municipal pool facility. Discounted membership rates are available to Woodlawn businesses!

Potential for Tax Exemptions:  

Woodlawn is located within a county-designated Ohio Enterprise Zone. Companies making certain property investments in Woodlawn qualify for the exemption of a percentage of the new taxes generated by the new investment. Utilizing project information supplied by the user, the Hamilton County Economic Development Office ( can calculate a potential exemption amount for anticipated projects. 

State of Ohio Incentives and Financial Assistance: 

The State of Ohio will work with Woodlawn to support viable projects with applicable incentives and financing tools. Details on other business incentives and financing programs offered by the State of Ohio can be viewed at