Village Manager's Office

Village Manager

The Village Manager works with the mayor, the department heads, and the Council to make sure the Village is serving the best interests of the people who live and work in our community. The Manager is hired by the Mayor with Council's approval. Once hired, the manager fulfills the executive and administrative duties of the municipal government.
The Village Manager leads a diverse team of dedicated individuals, all working together to accomplish great things for our Community.  This team includes the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, and the Directors of Public Works and Recreation. Code enforcement is also under Manager's purview. These departments handle specific tasks daily, but the Village Manager provides general supervision and brings the department heads together to facilitate interdepartmental communication and cooperation.

Council is the driving force behind the overall policy decisions shaping our Village's direction. Woodlawn is a diverse community with engaged residents and flourishing businesses, and it takes a team of people to keep everything running smoothly. With so many departments working for the Village government, it’s important to have a manager as a leader. The Village manager works closely with the Mayor. However, while the Mayor is an elected official who is the face of the Village serving as its official and ceremonial head, the manager works behind the scenes to help the Village thrive. 

Our Form of Government

The Village of Woodlawn operates under the Charter form of government. The powers of the municipal government are distributed among the municipality, the electorate, the various elected and appointed officials, and the boards and commissions as provided under the provisions of the charter. The Mayor is the Village's chief elected official and is also the "President of the Council". The Council consists of six members. Members are elected to terms of four (4) years each. The Council chooses a Vice Mayor from its own ranks. Appointed or contracted officials are the Municipal Manager, Finance Director, Law Director, and Clerk of Council.