List of Services

List of Services

Firehouse Tours

This is one of our most popular programs. We do have numerous small groups of people touring the station at any given time; however most of our visitors are scheduled groups, such as K-3 school classes. An average of 250 children tour the station each year. Includes a firefighter dressed in his/her turnout gear in order for the children to visualize the transformation from a firefighter on station to a firefighter ready to fight a fire. We also teach "stop, drop & roll", 911, home escape plans and other fire safety tips.

Fire Extinguisher Training Course

This program is available to everyone but is mainly utilized by the business community. The training course is scheduled by appointment. The class consists of a lecture session, which includes handouts. A live fire environment is duplicated by using a shallow burn pan containing a combustible liquid. A firefighter demonstrates the proper technique used to extinguish a small fire, using a portable extinguisher. Each participant is given a chance to practice putting out a fire by themselves.

Special Events

In addition to the above mention programs provided by our fire department, our educational efforts branch out into various other areas including, but not limited to: fire drills, tornado drills, life safety checks in places of assembly, safety fairs, educational sessions in the schools, juvenile fire setter program, lectures for civic groups and apparatus demonstrations.

For information regarding any of the above-mentioned programs please contact the firehouse (513) 771-0233.

We provide 24/7 Fire, Emergency Medical & Paramedic Services for Woodlawn, and Mutual Aid to   Neighboring Communities. Additionally, we provide: