The Village of Woodlawn, OH

History of the Fire Dept.


Until 1926, fire protection for the unincorporated town of Woodlawn was provided by the city of Cincinnati for a cost of $125.00 per response. In 1926, a group of citizens formed the Woodlawn Men’s Club, a non-profit civic organization. They held various fund raisers to purchase a 1924 model T Ford Engine that held (3) thirty-five gallon chemical tanks. In 1930, the Men’s Club purchased a "Reo Speedwagon" fire engine. Because much of the Woodlawn area did not have fire hydrants, in 1942 the Office of Civil Defense loaned to Woodlawn a "pumper" that could draft water from wells, cisterns and other water sources.

When the Village of Woodlawn became incorporated in 1941, it was able to use money received from state and county tax systems to provide village services. In 1942, the Men’s Club turned all of its assets and fire equipment over to the Village to help fund its new fire department. The first piece of new equipment purchased by the village was a 1948 Mack pumper. In 1950, The Fire Department, along with Police and Administration, occupied a new building at the intersection of Springfield PIke and Marion Road. In 1977, the present day firehouse was built at 10121 Springfield Pike.

The department remained strictly on call until 1980. In that year, a full-time Fire Chief was hired. By the year 1986, the need existed for personnel to man the station during weekday business hours. Six (6) firefighter/EMT/Inspectors were hired. This was the beginning of the current on station program. In October of 1995, the department expanded the on station program by hiring three (3) additional persons and starting a 24/48-hour rotating schedule. This schedule allows the fire station to be staffed 24 hours each day.

Fire Chiefs
1924-1946 E.J. Nutley
1946-1948 Bob Clayton
1948-1950 Stan Heckermon
1950-1960 S.S. McNear
1960-1974 Charles Foster
1974-1980 Riley Smith
1980-1992 Ken Frank
1992-1998 Robert Mynatt
1998-2001 Mark Hunt
2001-2015 Rick Mynatt
2015- Present Amos Johnson