The Village of Woodlawn, OH

ISO Class Rating

Insurance Services Office (ISO) has evaluated and classified over 44,000 fire protection areas across the United States using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.  ISO reports that there are only 26 other communities within the State of Ohio currently rated with a Class 2.  There are only 57 communities countrywide that have a rating of Class 1; none of those being in Ohio.

ISO’s program evaluates communities according to a uniform set of criteria, incorporating nationally recognized standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association and the American Water Works Association.  A community’s protection classification depends on fire alarm and communication systems; Fire department equipment, staffing, training and distribution of resources; and, the water supply system.

ISO is an independent company that serves insurance companies, communities, fire departments, and insurance regulators by providing information about risk.  Class 1 represents an exemplary fire suppression program, and Class 10 indicates that the area’s fire-suppression program does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria.  A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven a reliable predictor of future fire losses.  Statistical data on insurance losses bears out the relationship between excellent fire protection and low fire losses.  So, insurance companies use the PPC program to aid in establishing commercial and residential insurance premiums.  In general, the price of fire insurance in a community with a good ISO rating is substantially lower than in a community with poor rating, assuming all other factors are equal.