Case Continuances, Warrants and Bonds

Case Continuances, Warrants and Bonds

Case continuances...

If you are unable to pay by your court date or need more time to seek counsel, we offer continuances. 

Your first continuance can be issued through the office between the hours of 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.  Continuances must be done in person by the individual the citation is issued to, sign Continuance Form with new court date.

Only one continuance will be given without appearing in court.  All subsequent continuances must be requested in court.

Warrant for failure to appear...

Failure to pay the indicated fine or appear in court on the court date listed on your citation will lead to a warrant being issued for your arrest as well as a warrant fee and suspension of your Driver's License. Payment must be received by assigned court date.

To receive a new court date after failing to appear, a bond must be posted. 

Posting bonds...

Once the warrant is issued you will need to post a bond in order to receive a new court date.  The bond amount is issued by the Judge. When a bond is posted, there is a $25.00 State of Ohio fee that will not be refunded unless the Defendant is found Not Guilty.

If a bond is posted and the Defendant fails to appear in court the entire amount will be forfeited.  If the bond is posted by the Defendant or by someone else in the Defendant’s name the money posted will be used towards any fine/costs that may be assessed.