Driver License Reinstatement Fee Installemnt Plan

Full reinstatement services are now available at all of the 191 deputy registrar locations 

The Ohio BMV offers a driver license reinstatement fee installment plan to individuals who have met all reinstatement requirements except for paying reinstatement fees. The plan allows individuals owing $150.00 or more in reinstatement fees to become valid or eligible to retest for a driver license by paying a minimum of $50.00 every 30days for as long as it takes to the reinstatement fees.

You may submit your application, $50.00 payment and proof of insurance at any deputy registrar license agency or reinstatement center, or by mail to:

Ohio BMV
Attn: Revenue Management/Points
P.O. Box 16521
Columbus, OH 43216

Please Note:

There is an additional $10.00 service fee if you pay at a Deputy Registrar license agency.

The Ohio BMV is proud to offer a wide variety of options to help motorist get their license reinstated and will make every effort to restore driving privileges in a timely manner.  Please note that requirements differ depending on the type of suspension. If you have any further questions,go to the Ohio BMV website,  http://bmv.ohio.gov/  or call Deputy Registrar.

Please remember, the Woodlawn Clerk of Courts is not allowed to issue legal advice, only facts surrounding your case (ie: court date, pay-out amount, copy of ticket)

Check your driving record

You can find out about license suspensions, how much you owe the BMV or just get a copy of your driving record at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles:  www.bmv.ohio.gov