Public Works

Public Works

The Public Works Department provides integral services to our community every day. Our department’s mission is to maintain the Village’s thoroughfares so as to ensure the safe movement of both vehicular and pedestrian travel, and to oversee the efficient operation of the recycling program. Developing and offering a quality, and effective, efficient service to a vibrant, and active, attractive community. Provide a service that is aligned with the Municipal Managers' vision as well as supportive of the master plan.

Public Works Department Motto

  • “Service With Pride"

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of all

Catch basin cleaning
Grass cutting
Landscaping-building & Parks
Pothole repair
Painting of streets, parking lots & speed zones
Recycle drop off
Right-of-way cleanup
Sidewalk & curb
Snow & ice control
Street repairs
Tire drop off (click for more details)