The Village of Woodlawn, OH


The Village maintains 18.19 center lanes mile within Woodlawn. This includes both State Route 4 (Springfield Pike) and a small portion of State Route 747 (Princeton Pike).

Public Works is responsible for the management of the Right of Way which generally includes roads, curbs, sidewalks, trees, and utilities.  The Right of Way areas varies depending on the street but ranges from 20 feet to 100 feet in overall width. This area is owned by the Village of Woodlawn, however, it's up to the property owner to maintain.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the general care and maintenance of all Village-owned property, streets, vehicles, and facilities. The department provides residents with leaf pickup and brush removal at various times of the year and provides snow removal services throughout the Village. Garbage collection is provided by Rumpke.



Curbside Brush and Leaf pick-up is a free service offered to residents of the Village of Woodlawn.  Brush pick-up starts on April 1st, each calendar year, and leaf pick-up start on October 1st each calendar year. 

Curbside Brush Removal

Village of Woodlawn public works will pick-up brush twice weekly.  The following policy pertains to how brush set out at the curbside should be placed for pick-up.

  1. In order for public works crews to service all residences, a 15 minutes time limit will be enforced at each stop.
  2. The brush should be placed parallel to the curb, bundle, tied, and no longer than 4 ft. in length and 2-3 inches in diameter max.
  3. Twigs cannot be picked up; they are considered yard waste and must be disposed of with your regular trash collection.  Please keep the brush and limbs separate.
  4. There is no leaf pick up during brush pick up.
  5. A brush will not be picked up by public works if the above requirements are not met.
  6. The maximum weight limit for brush pick up is 75 lbs per bundle. Tree bark exceeding the 75 lb. weight limit will not be picked up by the public works department. Residents must have contractors dump or take to the dump themselves.

No brush will be removed and disposed of by the Village of Woodlawn public works if a resident hires a contractual tree service.  Per the Village policy, contractors (whether they are bonded/non-bonded) are responsible for the disposal of trees, tree limbs, etc., cut down on the residential property.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

All residence should contact the Village Code Enforcer prior to hiring a contractor to remove any trees on their property to confirm if a permit is required. If a resident is found in violation of this policy they will be subject to being fined. This policy is an addition to the current (Property Maintenance Code). The brush will not be picked up if the above requirements are not adhered to.

Curbside Leaf Pick Up

Leaf pick up begins on October 1st each calendar year.  Leaf pick up ends on November 30th each calendar year. Rumpke will pick up leaves provided they are in marked as yard waste in plastic bags, metal/plastic containers, brown waste bags.  If the containers are not marked properly, Rumpke will not remove the yard waste.

Curbside Leaf Pick Up

Public Works will not pick up leaves in plastic or paper bags, and waste containers.  Leaves should be piled at curbside, not in ditches.  Residence should be considerate of others; each stop should be no more than 15 minutes.

Village of Woodlawn/ Rumpke Waste Removal

Policy & Procedures

The Village of Woodlawn entered into a consortium in 2012 with other municipalities in a joint effort in order to save on the cost of waste and recycling services.

Under this agreement, policies and procedures are in place to ensure that residents receive excellent services from Rumpke while saving on cost. The following policies and procedures should adhere to:

  1. Trash pick-up is every Friday
  2. Collection services on all holidays except Christmas, and New Year’s. Pick-up for these two holidays will be the following workday.
  3. Cans must be placed at the curb the night before. Waste will not be picked up if not at the curb.
  4. Garbage must be drained and wrapped and must be placed in plastic bags or issued waste cans, or privately owned cans.
  5. Rumpke or the Village of Woodlawn is not responsible for damaged plastic or metal garbage cans.
  6. Regulation size garbage cans must be 20 to 30 gallons only.
  7. Materials of combustible nature will not be picked up. Hot ashes, gasoline, paint nor thinners, propane cylinders, etc., will not be removed.
  8. Drums, barrels, buckets, yard and household containers are not considered as garbage cans and will not be accepted and will be removed as trash.
  9. A residence is only allowed to place (1) large items at the curb per week. Rumpke requires to be notified of the large item24 to 48 hours before scheduled pick up. Rumpke's contact number is 513-851-0122; follow the prompts to speak to an operator.
  10. Bricks, concrete, tree trunks, auto parts, etc., will not be removed by Rumpke or the Village of Woodlawn Public Works.
  11. Do not fill plastic bags or garbage cans with any material which would take more than one man to handle.
  12. Do not place any material in paper bags or boxes; they are not considered proper containers.
  13. Garbage cans and plastic bags must not be over (75) pounds.
  15. If garbage is blocked by any material it will not be picked up.
  16. If garbage is considered dangerous to collect it will not be removed.
  17. Garbage cans and plastic bags must not be overfilled.
  18. Do not place the paper on the ground: Newspaper, telephone books, etc…
  19. Each pick-up must be limited to (10) bags only.
  20. Do not bring carpet; mattresses, etc. out on rainy days because it will be too heavy for one man to handle. If possible bring out while the truck is in front of your residence.
  21. Air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, etc… (Any item that uses Freon, the Freon must be removed by a certified person; also a sticker must be placed on the item by the remover to inform the Operator that Freon has been removed.
  22. Recyclable items should be placed in the issued recyclable can, or transported to the recycling bins behind Woodlawn Fire Department.

The Village of Woodlawn pays Rumpke Inc. for the above services. It is the residence's responsibility to follow the correct procedures so that good customer service is rendered. Failure to adhere to the policies and procedures may result in a cost to you for removal.